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     As a photographer, I enjoy trying to find a photo opportunity that demonstrates a particular idea, emotion, design or perspective. I take pictures of many different aspects of the world we live in. I enjoy pictures of travel, portraits, places and landscapes. If you find something you like and wish to purchase it, you can use our PayPal purchase system to buy (Coming soon!). Also you can purchase my services for an hourly fee with a 2.5 hour minimum per event. You can contact me at (408) 427-4730.

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Hello Everyone! Welcome. This gallery is largely for public viewing. However, there is a private gallery for family and friends. This private password protected gallery is developed to protect the privacy of members that may not wish to be viewed by the public. Also this gallery provide family and friends with a single easy to reach area for viewing these pictures.

Also for all there are two ways to view the photos. One is in slideshow mode where you can view the pictures with background music. The other allows the viewer to select and look at particular pictures in the gallery. If you have the chance to comment on any particular picture your like, please feel free to do so. Thanks for visiting us and Enjoy!

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These photos are for the sole viewing of family and friends they are not for sale and require a password to view.

© Philip S Camilleri PhotoID# 13924671: Mark and Cindy Portraits and Individuals (Public Gallery)        slide show (16)
I take a lot of pictures of individuals and try to develop pictures that are vivid and appealing. This category will include pictures of these individuals.

© Philip S Camilleri PhotoID# 13924673: Light at the End of the Passageway. Landscapes and Places (Public Gallery)        slide show (45)
Throughout my travels I take photos of scenery or places that just are interesting because we do not always have the opportunity to visit these places. These pictures are for your enjoyment and to provide experiences for you or your family. Enjoy!

© Philip S Camilleri PhotoID# 13952200: Church Architect Buildings and Architecture (Public Gallery)        slide show (14)
I find the design of buildings interesting. I like pictures of churches and unusual architecture.

© Philip S Camilleri PhotoID# 13961654: Fish Out of Water? Interesting Perspectives and Content ...        slide show (10)
This category includes pictures that are interesting in design, perspective or content.

© Philip S Camilleri PhotoID# 13959101: Up, Up and Away! Potpourri of Photos (Public Gallery)        slide show (63)
This category are for those pictures yet to be categorized. They do not neatly fit in any of the other categories.

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These are photos that you can purchase from my website.

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